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Initiation to the main fossil formations of Belgium
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by Philippe Cooreman
Translation M. Jauniaux

Belgium, in spite of its small size, has a surprising wealth of fossils. Numerous geologists have studied its layers and their old faunae; for example Omalius d'Halloy, A. Dumont, J. Cornet, and many others.
Some stratigraphic layers were defined in Belgium, especially in the Paleozoic era. We can mention the Gedinnian (from Gedinne), the Frasnian (from Frasnes lez Couvin), the Famennian (from the Famenne region), the Tournaisian, the Dinantian, the Visean...
Important parts of geologic time are represented in our country, especially in the Cenozoic, the Paleozoic and the Mesozoic eras with some important gaps.

In the pages accessible by clicking on the name of the various geologic eras, we will detail the main classical formation, clarify if they are represented in Belgium, otherwise we will give the closest region where they can be studied.
We shall also give an idea of the groups of fossil organisms contained in these formations and a brief geographic distribution of every formation

Choose an Era :

Precambrian (4550-570 million years).

Paleozoic (570-230 million years).

Mesozoic (245 - 66 million years).

Cenozoic (65 - 0 million years).

Quaternary (1.75 - 0 million years).

and follow the littleto jump from one eon, era to another

The fossils shown here have been collected during CMPB field trip in Belgium

If you have personal pictures of fossils, why don't you give them to us for publication ? Please write to us !