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Behind the scenery of the Royal Museum of Natural Sciences - Paleontology Section (30/04/2004)
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We make a point of thanking here the personnel of the Museum for his welcome, his devotion and his numerous explanations.

A small introduction above the models of the museum

In the corridors of the paleontology section

Old presentations of rocks

In the "office" of the director...

course on the vertebrates

In the basements, the "reserves" of the Museum

odds and ends


Odds and ends of defenses

Some old crocos

A tortoise of the Landenian of Binche

The ancestor of the horse

Teeth of Carcharodon and vertebrae in bulk

the Cri-cris,...

… a little bit narrow

R. Leemans, wedged under a beam of the ceiling

Old entry of the museum

where we failed to lose 1/2 Cricri and our President